Sunday, July 15, 2007

Letter to a Friend in Iraqi

I haven't gotten around to reading the Time article yet. So, I may be ignorant into what I have to say. But the idea of arming 'former' insurgents because they claim to be against Al-Quada is one of the worst ideas i have heard in this crazy war. (Let's ignore the obvious fact that they were fighting against the 'democratic' Iraq a few weeks ago.) It is on the same level on insanity as not bringing a large troop level in to capture Bin Laden during the first Afghanistan campaign.

When we first seem to have problems finding Bin Laden, I happen to be re-reading The Prince. (I was trying to impress a girl. Didn't work.) The one point that Micaville offers the prince that has stuck with me is his warnings against using mercenaries. Mercs are here just for the glory or gold and will be first ones to abandon you when the tide of the battle turns.

We know see former 'allies' in Afghanistan backing the Taliban again, because it's power is rising. How long do we think that these 'former' insurgents will remain on our side or on the Iraqi government side after we leave?

That being said, on Thursday, Bush held a press conference to speak about the 'surge', which just began. (Funny, I thought we agreed to a surge like six months ago. If the surge is just now starting it is not a surge but a slow drip.) He claimed success on Iraq was coming in the recent peace found in the Anwahr (sp?) province. He said that there Al-Quada had been driven out by the locals. This is true, the region is much more stable than months ago. However, it is not due to the fact that the people in the region love American Democracy. It happens to be that the Iraqi police no longer go in the area. Instead, the locals patrol their own area and have removed anyone they find as a threat to them: Al-Quada and the Iraqi government included. The region has been walking proof that the only way for a peaceful Iraq can be found in Sen. Brownback and Biden's proposal for three separate states sharing the oil revenue. Oh, well they will never be President. Instead, it is up between Giuliani who wants to attack Iran; Romney who wants to double the size of GitMo and Hillary who wants to prove she has balls and the toughness to stay in Iraq.

The other telling happening in the press conference was the first question Bush took was from Helen Thomas of the UPI. Thomas used to trade mental barbs with Kennedy so shaking Bush intellectually should be no problem. But she is also pissed off about the war, the way its been handled and Bush has only called on her once in his entire term, because she is seen as too liberal of reporter. Thomas took the bait. Instead of trying to question Bush and expose is failed logic, she went on an a-typical liberal rant about Iraq being a war of Bush's choosing and summed up with a question that was he aware that Al-Quada was not in Iraq until he invaded. Bush easily dodged the 'question' with statements about Saddam refusing to leave or have arms inspection.

This is the main problem with the liberal element in America, of which I am one. Anger at the administration clouds their minds, and their actions look silly and are ineffective. In the end, America will always choose the current course over raw anger. Look at Humphrey vs McCarthy, Reagan in 1984, Clinton vs. impeachment.

God's Blessings,


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

slow servers piss me off...

I just wanted to say that.

It should not take five minutes for the blogger home page to load.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Sad Situation...

"I am glad that my sister is having a kid. That way when I am old, I can call him or her and ask if what I'm doing with my money is smart." A said playing with the lid of her Dr. Pepper.

"It is sad to see people taken in by pyramid scams." I sucked on a mint.

I had just relaid the story to A about a donor of our's who has invested in what appears to be an internet scam. The donor was calling us to tell us about the gifts he will be making once his investment pays out and encouraging us to get in on the good deal.

I spent an hour after lunch searching the net for something on the company. Something that would reveal the true intentions of the company that I could share with his pastor before he invested any more.

I had no such luck. The man will probably keep throwing money down the rabbit hole and keeping hoping for the big payoff which will never come.

A and I hope that never happens to us.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Read a Book!

This whole song applies to all people of all races. Because I am tired of ignorant people walking around. And smelly ones too.

Reading's Grunk Song

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dubuque Airport-Live Blogging

First every airport should have free wi-fi. Portland and Dubuque, IA have the right idea. Why should I pay like 8 bucks just to check my e-mail?

The fact that Dubuque has only one gate makes it an unique flying experience. Those who check you in are also the security personal and do baggage and airline taxing.

On the other hand, there is no food other than that from a vending machine. They do have an eatery, but that closed long ago like 1 p.m. There is nothing for us on the late 5:40 flight.

Small and clean that should be the new motto for Iowa. Everyone is friendly and the restrooms are usable. Of course, I really would like a drink while I wait for my plain. But some things must be sacrificed for a toilet seat not covered in urine.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Waterloo, IA

No luck for the Luka. Nothing but dry skin, bad meals and a flight through Chicago. These are the times that try men's soles, at least mine. How could a trip that started out with so much promise and the feeling of a come squal of giving turn into nothing but a dry breeze?

A few more donors to see and than home to a fourth of July and hopefully a day off.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Peoria, IL Here I Come

Tomorrow I leave for Peoria, Illinois, home of Catapiller industries and not much else.

I've been in Peoria enough times now to know the good resteraunts and the haunts to stay away from.

Though I love my job and the travel, there is one thing that gets me down. I keep coming back to some towns over and over again that I begin to get the view of the high school seniors. "I can't wait until I am not stuck in this town."

I feel bad about this. I am sure Peoria has some nice spots, maybe even a good pool hall. But for the roaming Luka, it has little to offer.

In some ways, Lukas are like a high school seniors.

We have to be in bed to get up early for work/school.

Driving in the town is still new to us.

We have to answer to bosses/parents.

Finally, we may know the town, but we don't have the connections to dig deep and find the secret hot spots.

Those hot spots, whatever they may be either bar, blues club or coffeeshop are what makes these small towns fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Make It Stop…

Both President Bush and the Democratic Congress poll numbers are in the garbage. Those who proclaim the fact that there is no difference between the two parties gain more ammunition.

The good news today: inflation ain’t so bad. Unless of course you count gas, then well it is fucking insane. And the price keeps rising and rising

Seriously, can somebody do something about this? How much money does corporations need? How much money do lobbyist give to make congress ignore America?

Seriously wake the fuck up and do something about this. I am really pissed because I support the Democrats almost blindly, work to get them elected and then they piss and moan more about an Iraq war they can do little about (sorry those on the left; the troops will not come home until Bush leaves) instead of trying to stop the price gauging.

Help us now. Gas can not continue to rise at the current rate before food and other necessities rise as well as the cost to transport them to markets skyrockets.

Idiotic greed may be what does America in.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Geneseo, IL

Aged trees stand tall, their leaves whipping in the strong wind. “Old,” is how a gas station attendant described the town. Homes built before World War Two remain well maintained on manicured lawns. The main street is still filled with open shops selling bridal wares, cards and hardware. Flags fly in honor of those serving in the military.

Old indeed, in traditions, but the population is not aged. Families and young adults still move to this haven twenty-five miles east of the Mississippi. Two gun factories continue to provide jobs and growth. This town is a survivor.

When one doubts the general goodness of the country, a visit to Geneseo will restore the faith. Yet, there remains a conundrum.

While this town feels as pure as the driven snow, its economy is based upon weapons. Not just any weapons, but automatic firearms. Guns meant not for sport but for death.

A bill in the Illinois legislature would make it illegal to manufacture firearms in the state. Though this law would stop the production of automatic firearms in the state. The manufacturer would produce just as many weapons in another state or country. At the same time, the law would mean the death of Geneseo-one of the few remaining thriving small towns.

As the song goes: ain’t that America. We are one shining example of prosperity and high morals. We want to help others, but it may end up damaging ourselves in the process.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bush! Bush! Bush!

This has nothing to do with his politics I promise.

Last week, Bush was in Albania, one of the few countries left where he is popular. As the adoring crowd pressed to shake is hand, pat his back and rub his head (maybe, that's an Albanian thing). Somebody decided to take his watch.

Watch it Here.

Sure, the White House said it was dropped and returned by a guard. But watch the video. Somebody decided to swipe that swatch.

I wonder if it was a plan or a drunken impulse.